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Dr John Shieh, MD, and his medical group believe that the primary focus should always be on our health and well-being.  Although these latest treatments can produce dramatic results for almost everyone, cosmetic medicine should not be used as a substitute for proper lifestyle, diet, exercise, and preventative medicine.

Dr Shieh was the co-founder of both Modern Concepts Medical Group and RejuvaMed/RejuvaYou medical group.  His specialties include non-invasive cosmetic medicine and anti-aging medicine, in addition to board certification in Family Medicine.  His focus on excellence and patient care has earned him the distinction of being selected "Best Doctors" by LA Downtown News.

RejuvaMed/RejuvaYou was founded by John Shieh, M.D., and Angela Winter, to offer the latest treatments in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging to all patients.  These treatments were previously guarded as beauty secrets by famous actors, models, and the rich and famous.  Dr. Shieh's practice of non-invasive cosmetic treatments has always been by referral-only, and included international celebrities, Miss Universe contestants, models, actresses, NFL cheerleaders, and other clients that needed to always look and feel their best.  However, with the expansion of his facilities and the formation of RejuvaMed/RejuvaYou, these amazing treatments are now available to everyone who wishes to turn back the hands of time to look and feel younger and become healthier.

He was one of the first in the United States to be certified and perform the Fotofacial RF skin rejuvenation treatment (FDA approved October, 2002) and one of the first doctors certified on the ThreadLift non-invasive facelift procedure.  Because of his experience in this field, he was also selected as one of 70 FDA investigators for the new VelaSmooth treatment for cellulite and fat reduction (FDA approved June, 2005).  Recently, Dr. Shieh and the RejuvaYou team were again the first to perform the ReFirme skin tightening procedure upon FDA approval in May 2006, and among the very first to offer the new Matrix IR wrinkle reduction treatment introduced in July 2007.  RejuvaYou is also thrilled to be among the first to offer the newest FDA approved body contouring device VelaShape in Sept 2007.

Most recently, Dr. John Shieh, MD and RejuvaYou Medical Spas was among the first to begin offering the LipoLite Laser Liposculpture treatment.  The procedure was featured in an exclusive premiere on Entertainment Tonight on Dec. 2, 2008, where celebrity Shirley Ballas (Dancing with the Stars and professional ballroom fame) underwent treatments.

Dr Shieh has also served as a medical advisor to the TV show "Untold Stories from the ER" on the TLC channel, and has recurrent appearances on that TV series.

Dr. Shieh's professional affiliations include:
American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
American Society for Aesthetics and Mesotherapy
American Board of Family Practice
“Best Doctors” LA Downtown News

The RejuvaYou Team
Back Row:  Olga Astakhova, John Shieh, M.D., Elisa Lopez
Front Row:  Violkys Bustamante, PA-C; Angela , RN; Yahira Santiago, RN; Debra Schulz, RN

1.    What is your philosophy about medicine & patient care?

Our philosophy about patient care and cosmetic treatments is summarized by our phrase "we believe in the Optimal You" This is the foundation for every contact that we have with our clients, and the start of every treatment plan.
We do not push one size fits all treatment packages.  Rather, we partner with our clients to address the issues that are a priority to them, while at the same time imparting the knowledge that they need to improve their overall aesthetic health.

We approach the patient as a whole, from the inside out, that inner health and wellbeing is central to obtaining the best results with enhancing what we convey on the outside.  Because we come from a background in family medicine and anti-aging medicine, we approach our patients with a complete approach and emphasize prevention and long term maintenance.

Finally, we have uncompromising standards, we demand only the best possible results for our clients and will do everything possible to attain the fullest potential.

2.    What do you differently from other practices like yours?

I believe we differ from other practices because our focus is on the wellbeing, education and inner growth of the individual as we walk them through the process of transformation.  It's not about just zapping the outside and ignoring what's on inside.

We take the time to help educate each client and realize the opportunities available through us.  

We also pride ourselves in being the best at what we do, being leaders and teachers in the industry, and having a cohesive group with an actively involved medical director.  Dr. John Shieh, M.D. is a national and internationally acclaimed teacher and speaker on the latest in laser and non-surgical cosmetic medicine.
Our practice is also a teaching center for physicians and nurses in the field of aesthetic medicine, and we're one of the first cosmetic dermatology training rotations in the country for Family Medicine residencies.

3.    What role does your staff play in the quality of care?

The staff at RejuvaYou are not just employees or managers or owners.  Rather we are artists, specialists and experts.  We strive every day to better our craft, hone our skills and seek to glean knowledge from other experts in our field.  It is our fervent belief that our clientele can only achieve their optimal health if we are at the pinnacle of our field.
The staff of RejuvaYou are also an amazingly diverse group, representing seven countries and 11 languages.  In addition, aside from being at the forefront of aesthetic medicine, the staff come from a variety of areas of medical expertise including critical care, coronary care, emergency and family medicine.

All our staff pay an active role in the quality of care because they are the best trained and knowledgeable in the industry, and have been carefully chosen to become part of the RejuvaYou family.  All of our nurses and PA's regularly attend advanced trainings and maintain continuing education in aesthetic medicine.  All of my staff also play a role in teaching workshops and training aesthetic practices, therefore assuring our patients that they will receive the best possible treatment.

4.    How accessible are you to your patients?

Our company prides itself in catering to special patient needs, such as when an exception needs to be made for late appointments or weekends.  Patients are constantly amazed at our willingness to find an option for them.

5.    What new techniques and technologies have you invested in to better serve your patients?

We have invested heavily in the newest cutting edge technologies to bring our clients the best available treatments.  We have recently added another EMax and VelaSmooth utilizing bipolar radiofrequency energy with light energy.  We've always been among the first to offer the latest treatments, such as being among the first to offer the Fotofacial RF procedure, among the first to offer the ReFirme skin tightening procedure, and served as FDA investigators on the new VelaSmooth for fat and cellulite reduction.  Because of our proactive quest to bring the best to our clients, we are always the most experienced of providers delivering your treatments.

6.    Talk about your medical facilities.

Our cosmetic facilities have been refined and improved in order to enhance the experience of our clients and to convey the superior quality that we represent. We make sure each client is treated with respect and appreciation for coming to us. We provide a relaxing atmosphere that is enjoyable to visit, and we provide topical anesthetic or other comfort measures such as our Synercool skin cooling device to make the treatments as painless as possible.  Of course, all of our equipment is cutting edge, FDA approved, and without a doubt deliver the best treatment possible.

7.    Talk about your medical training and board certifications.

I started my practice in 1997 in the field of Family Medicine, and in 2001 started in the aesthetics field and have remained a leader in the field since then.  Although my specialization and practice is in the non-surgical cosmetic field, I still maintain board certification in Family Medicine, active membership in the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine, the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

8.    What do you consider most exciting about your profession?

It is the most exciting and rewarding thing to see the changes and transformation in my patients as they improve their appearances, attitudes, self esteem and confidence, and then begin seeing positive changes in their personal and professional lives.

9.    Are there any additional comments for your patients to connect with you and your staff?

We are here for you, we have such an exciting message to share with you, we've experienced the changes in our own lives and seen it in our patients' lives.  We want everyone to be educated and experience what is available to them, because we want to transform your lives.