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The LipoLite Laser Liposculpture treatment is one of the most exciting new procedures brought to you by Dr. Shieh and RejuvaYou Medical Spas.  With the LipoLite, clients get the benefits of immediate, permanent fat removal, fine body sculpting (no more lumps or ridges) along with minimized risks and minimal downtime.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, so clients are awake and can interact with the doctor, nurses, or family members, or even talk on the phone during the procedure.  Although we ask clients to rest for a day, the majority have returned to work the next day!

We have found that the use of the LipoLite Laser Liposculpture device allows us to treat the very superficial layer of fat, just below the skin, so that we can accomplish much better contouring and smoothing than traditional liposuction.  An additional benefit of the laser is that the heat from the laser causes the skin to further tighten.  This makes the LipoLite an ideal treatment when loose skin is a concern.

In the Entertainment Tonight exclusive feature, we treated Shirley Ballas, world-renowned ballroom dance instructor to world champions and pros on TV's Dancing with the Stars, and former 10 time US Champion, and 3 time World Champion.  Although she dances daily, and watches her diet, she still cannot rid herself of certain areas of fat on her abdomen, back, arms, and thighs.  With the LipoLite treatment, she was able to resume dancing the next day, with little to no interruption to her busy schedule.

You can view her interview and treatment sequence on the following YouTube video:

This is the immediate result after the treatment.  She was awake and able to stand up immediately after the treatment.  There is still some swelling present that will continue to resolve over the next few months.  The skin will also continue to tighten over the next months.  Note the tiny incision along the bikini line.

This is the result 2 weeks after LipoLite Laser LipoSculture.  Client will continue to see improvements over the next 6 months, but already her clothing is fitting significantly better!

·         LipoLite melts fat and tightens skin.

·         LipoLite is a minimally invasive laser assited lipolysis treatment.   

·         Unlike traditional liposuction procedures, LipoLite patients have little to no downtime and minimal bruising.

·         LipoLite is a celebrity favorite as they can go back to work almost immediately and don’t have to hide while recovering.

LipoLite™ is a minimally invasive alternative and a complement to traditional liposuction fat-removing procedures. Utilizing the latest technique, called laser-assisted lipolysis, LipoLite is able to treat large areas of the body as well as smaller areas that were not possible to treat with traditional liposuction.

LipoLite procedures are performed on many areas of the body including the mandible, chin, forearms, upper abdomen, knees, abdomen, love handles, arms, buttocks, legs, bra line and more.

LipoLite is an FDA-cleared device for laser assisted lipolysis as well as dermatological procedures requiring incision, excision, vaporization, ablation and coagulation of soft tissue.  

LipoLite treatments only require local anesthesia, allowing for a reduced downtime, increased patient safety and reduced side effects compared to traditional liposuction.   In clinical trials, LipoLite procedures are proven to yield a decrease in skin laxity due to the dermal heating associated with the procedure.

LipoLite delivers Nd:YAG laser energy to the treatment site via an optical fiber inside a cannula which is inserted through a tiny incision.  The laser energy then heats fat cells to a point at which they liquefy.  This melted fat is then suctioned out.  

The average incision size for a LipoLite procedure is less than half an inch. Non-specific heating of dermis and hypodermis during the treatment leads to smoother, tighter and firmer appearance of the skin and tissue surrounding the treatment area. 

The procedure is performed as an outpatient treatment using only local anesthesia so there is minimal, if any, scarring, very little downtime and a high level of safety.

Most patients experience minimal side effects which may include minor bleeding, bruising and local reddening.  However, this is minimal in comparison to traditional liposuction procedures.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation, please email us at info@rejuvayou.com with your contact information, or call us at 626-441-8968.